Fianna Fáil's O'Brien hits out at "drip-feed of information" over property tax

Fianna Fáil's O'Brien hits out at "drip-feed of information" over property tax

Darragh O'Brien of Fianna Fáil

Fianna Fáil Seanad leader and finance spokesperson Darragh O’Brien has said the drip-feed of information on the valuation and collection of property taxes is adding to the distress of hard-pressed homeowners across the country.

Senator O’Brien commented: “Has the Government learned nothing from its failure to communicate with the public during the household charge fiasco? Now, instead of being upfront with householders about how its new property tax will work, the Government is relying on a series of leaks and briefings to the media behind closed doors.

“The thousands of families across the country, who are deeply concerned about how they will pay property taxes on a house they can’t afford as it is, deserve more honesty from this Government.  Reports that the value of homes will be dictated by the Revenue Commissioners and that self-assessment could lead to challenges from the taxman only add to the concerns of householders, and raise even more questions about the Government’s property tax plan.

“It seems that not only are Fine Gael and Labour intent on taxing the family home while failing to take any meaningful action to tackle the deepening mortgage crisis, they also haven’t learned a thing from the household charge fiasco in terms of the importance of openness and accountability.”

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