Getting more from your garden and nature

Getting more from your garden and nature

This winter why not take some time to plan on making some new changes to create a more nature friendly garden. Raised bed gardens are impressive styles offering not only more comfort and well being thanks to more useable space and light but an invitation to take a deep breath and relax from our daily stress.

The practical convenience and appealing structure of raised bed planters helps to re-define the garden space as an appealing and easily maintained space. Energy efficient lighting is now an integral component of current garden design and landscaping.

Here are some other simple ideas to encourage more wildlife into your garden:

  • Add some pollinating rich plants to attract more insects, bees and butterflies
  • Add boxes for hibernating insects and nesting birds
  • Add some bird feeders, be careful position feeders away from preying predators
  • Add water, recess an old sink to create a shallow pond or simply add a bird bath
  • Plant a tree or some shrubs to provide protection, shelter or a new food source
  • Plant some climbers to cover an unsightly and watch the wildlife move in
  • Heap some old logs and fallen leaf into a corner to create some useful shelter for visiting hedgehogs

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