Small space gardening ideas in city centre – get in, get on, get out

Small space gardening ideas in city centre – get in, get on, get out

The determination of owners of small garden spaces in urban areas consistently excites, serving as an inspiration to all gardeners to witness their efforts as they seek out solutions to extract full use of all available space.

Quite often, these inspired and enthusiastic city centre gardeners are rarely contented with growing ornamental planting schemes but are engaged full on to grow productively too. Vegetable and fruit growing often takes pride of place in such gardens, so too the whole management of the local environment, growing from seed, recycling, composting, even managing potential garden pests or disease with minimal human interference, relying instead on a natural order being imposed on garden pests by the natural killing prowess of their preying predators.

In this dynamic and ever changing micro-world, much happens on daily basis, often cloistered away from the faint sounds of urban city living. Here nature is constantly at work, overseen by committed individuals, where everyday offers a rewarding holistic experiences and a sustainable walk on role in city centre gardening, where growing from ground to fork matters most. Get in, get on, get out.

The completion of all necessary landscaping works concludes our role in this project, enabling the proud and delighted owners to embark on a long and fulfilling journey of inspired gardening in the city centre.

City centre gardening - Order must be (informal)

Gardening in the city - space matters

In small gardens, space is required to enjoy those fleeting sunny moments

Rustic informal finishing can create a more charming impression

Raised bed gardening is a popular means of growing in urban spaces

A more controlled and proportinate use of paving for a softer look

Raised growing beds constructed from pressure treated pine sleepers

Most working gardens will make space for a greenhouse

Contrasting materials but enduring finishes are used for the raised beds

Landscaping works completed - new garden ready for planting

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