Gardening in the city, Dublin 8

Gardening in the city, Dublin 8

Completion of house renovations can usually spell changes in the garden area

A new project takes us to Dublin 8 and an area very close to the original centre of Dublin. Not surprisingly in this old and built up urban area, space is a premium.

gIt is obviously much treasured by the many proud owners in the area who have taken thoughtful steps and care to invest time and money to develop the garden spaces adjoining their treasured properties. The net effect is one which is immediately appealing, a diverse array of plant styles and schemes held together as a seemingly informal harmony by the shared architectural heritage and style of many of the properties.

This landscaping project was focused on remodelling an older garden, which after recent house renovations required some refinement to spatial layout and surface finishes. The present owners being keen gardeners were actively growing fruit and vegetables. However despite requiring to optimise the space for growing more, they also wanted to avoid imposing a rigid structured look to the layout, preferring instead, a softer random appearance especially to all paved areas.

Much of the existing planting was temporarily removed to facilitate site clearance and construction works and to be re-planted at a later stage. Similarly the rich black topsoil was carefully removed and set aside to be used later. The existing timber boards used for edging the growing beds had mostly become well rotted and overwhelmed, were all removed to be replaced by more robust and durable pine sleepers and limestone kerbing.

To control any potential weed growth the site was entirely covered with professional grade horticultural weed barrier. The harsh and coarse appearance of the original boundary walls was refined by having a new sand and cement rendering applied.

The materials and finish levels used were high, natural stone (limestone) was warmly complemented by the rich amber textures of timber (pine and cedar), but ultimately it would be the productive and ornamental planting groups which would assert dominance in the new garden within a very old but central neighbourhood in Dublin city centre.

Congestion and overcrowded demanded a fresh approach to layout

Work on clearing site commences

As site is cleared, a greater sense of space is revealed

The rich black and crumbly texture of inner city topsoil

Site cleared to produce a blank canvass

The area is covered with the professional grade horticultural weed barrier

Constructional elements such as paved areas are marked out

The boundary walls are much improved by a rendered finish

Constructing the raised growing beds and paved areas commences

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