Trees on fire

Trees on fire

For many of us, autumn is loved and closely associated with three distinct images: cooling temperatures, bright crispy days when almost everything appears sharper and of course wonderful colourful tree displays. It’s a great time to take walks in the woods or countryside and admire the immediate beauty.

Even nearer home, in the garden is surrounded by nature determined to stage fantastic colourful tree displays. As some trees retain their lushness, many are showing signs of fading greyness whilst others are clearly on fire.

It’s one the greatest free shows in town. Don’t miss it. Even better, why not create your own show in your garden?

Nature needs trees, we each have a role to play and let’s all enjoy putting on the show.

Even recent rainfall cannot dampen the red hot autumnal display of acers

The unmissable and unrivalled colours of Liquidamber in autumn

A refreshing blend of lush tones of Choisya and Green Gold Bamboo

Despite looking leafless, the wispy branches of Silver Birch remain graceful

The brittle greyness of fading leaves mask the beauty of white Himalayan Birch

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