Higher level garden design and landscaping

Higher level garden design and landscaping

As the garden landscaping works for the new garden in Sandyford nears completion, reflecting on this particular project, one is filled with a great sense of  pride and satisfaction of the undeniable beauty which we have created in this wonderful new garden.

Confronted by difficult site terrain elements including elevated ground, granite bedrock and not insignificant surface water run-off, all important factors which demanded key consideration during the design phase but most especially during the construction stages.  Landscaping on this higher level involving an unusual and perhaps a unique range of site conditions, all of which had to be managed carefully from the outset, if the project was to run smoothly through to a safe and successful conclusion.

A project which has tested our skill, stamina and expertise from the start, has provided us with a great and enviable opportunity, to demonstrate how creative design and impeccable landscaping skills combine to create a stunning composition of lasting beauty of practical layout, enduring crafted construction and an easily managed diversified planting scheme. Inspired by the challenge and encouraged by the potential, one is reminded of the positive beauty and well being of a much greater force.

Some reminders of how the site looked at the outset of the project:

View towards rear of garage from embankment


View towards kitchen area at rear of house

View of embankment from rear of house

The gravel patio and access steps leading to the upper lawn area

Views of the mountain beyond from the utility area of the garden

Spacious sandstone patio

Sandstone steps are an integral part of the adjoining raised planting beds

View from main patio of embankment and mountain areas

Swiftly sweeping sandstone raised planting bed/retaining wall

The former utility area re-modelled as an important additional patio area

A stunning drystone sandstone wall, inspired by nature, built by hand

A well diversified mixed planting scheme will ensure plenty of seasonal interest

Stunning sandstone steps are generous in scale but also make a great feature

A multi-tier raised planting bed with spaces for ornamental plants and herbs

Linear shapes and hard textures are subtletly softened with sweeping curves

A variety of views across the varying levels and elevations

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