Sandyford landscaping project

Sandyford landscaping project

Preparing ground for a new lawn is a slow process often requiring some patience as overworking or rushing the grading process of the top layer potentially risks damaging the micro structure of the soil.  Good dry conditions are essential, working soil in wet weather will not only create a disappointing mess of sludge ice cream with disastrous long term consequences.

Like many aspects of landscaping, the secret is to have the patience and the control to deal with even difficult site conditions, lies at the heart of reassuring professional landscaping. Perimeter fence installation completed, the site is once again secure and the garden protected against uninvited deer and foxes. Upper level sandstone edged pathway sub-base has been installed, blinded and compacted and is ready for decorative chippings.

The topsoil has been added to all raised planting beds completed and are now ready for planting. The re-graded driveway area is now being re-surfaced with a base of compacted hardcore, so far in excess of 60 ton have been used and it is expected at least another 30 ton will be required.

New chainlink fence secures garden boundary

New informal grit pathway full prepared and ready for decorative chippings

Addition of topsoil to all raised planting beds complete are now ready for planting

Work commences to install a hardcore sub-base for extended car parking area

There is no mistaking the view now of the new garden asserting its new identity. Planting phase will commence next and by the time it is finished, images of a building site will quickly become faded memories.

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