Farrell labels Fianna Fáil's anti-property tax campaign a "joke"

Farrell labels Fianna Fáil's anti-property tax campaign a "joke"

Alan Farrell TD

Fine Gael deputy Alan Farrell has labeled Fianna Fáil’s campaign against the forthcoming property tax as a “joke”.

The Dublin North TD was responding to the launch of a new website last week called Wrong Tax, Wrong Time, which argued against the implement of the property tax in the forthcoming Budget.

Responding to the news of the new campaign by the opposition party, Deputy Farrell said: “It is quite incredible that Fianna Fáil elected representatives can launch this campaign with a straight face.

“This is the same party that committed to a property tax in their revised Programme for Government in 2009.

“Fianna Fáil claims that it wants to engage in constructive opposition politics and yet it comes out with cynical stunts like this.

“Will Fianna Fáil be encouraging people to break the law and not pay the tax once it is introduced?,” asked Deputy Farrell.

Hitting back at his comments, Fianna Fáil councillor Mary Fitzpatrick said: “I would ask Alan Farrell if he thinks it’s fair to hit struggling families surviving on less than €100 disposable income at the end of every month with a value-based property tax.

“I would also ask him if he thinks it’s fair that elderly people on less than €200 a week should pay a value-based property tax. He can’t continue to hide behind Fianna Fáil.

“This is the wrong tax at the wrong time,” she said.

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