Fianna Fáil launches site opposing property tax

Fianna Fáil launches site opposing property tax

Fianna Fáil have launched a new website campaigning against the introduction of a property tax in December’s Budget.

The website – – features a quote from party leader Michaél Martin saying: “now is not the time for property taxes.”

The site went live today despite Fianna Fáil being part of the last government, which agreed the implementation of the tax with the IMF when the country was bailed out.

Now though they are asking for people to sign a petition in protest to the implementation of the tax in 2013.

The site features a number of bullet points explaining why the tax is a bad idea, including:

  • A property tax paid by PAYE workers from their take home pay is effectively an increase in income tax.
  • A property tax levied on people who have paid stamp duty is a double property tax.
  • A property tax that does not recognise people’s ability to pay is a blunt instrument and will be unworkable.
  • A value based property tax will unfairly impact Dublin.

The site also states that with an increasing number of families struggling to pay their mortgage the government needs to prioritise efforts to help people back to work. Fianna Fáil also say they will be presenting an alternative budget shortly.

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