Natural stone landscaping in Sandyford

Natural stone landscaping in Sandyford

As all our efforts continue to focus here on our landscaping project in Sandyford, South County Dublin, the building works on the natural sandstone patios, pathways, raised planting beds and walls are clearly creating a coherent look. Emergence of the new garden is underlined by the early and modest introduction of some planting.

On site, there is an immediate and clear transition in appearance, images of the  construction site will begin to fade and be replaced by graceful emergence of a new garden. It is a very brief and subtle and one of distinct excitement to witness the very tipping point when the surrounding adopts its new look. Such a moment does remind me of the revealing beauty of the of butterfly as it emerges from it’s pupa.

The introduction of some planting creates an immediate and calming effect on the stonework and indeed the surrounding spaces. One senses the presence of new encouraging energy, a familiar warmth is perceptible and the positive reassurances it helps to create, produces a calming comfort and the effect is magical.

Sandstone paving - naturally strong - naturally beautiful

Constructing new steps demands patience but the results will be worth it

Installing an extra tap during the construction phase is easy

Adding some plants has an immediate and pleasing effect

Planting of raised bed gets underway

Meanwhile the sandstone paving works continue to make progress

Works on new sandstone patio leading to step area nearing completion

Some simple unfussy linework will enhance the sandstone patio

An early sprinkling of colour is provided by some herbaceous perennials

Acers are guaranteed to produce a seasonal colouring changing good show

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