Noonan hits out at Fianna Fáil 'bluff' over property tax

Noonan hits out at Fianna Fáil 'bluff' over property tax

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has accused the opposition of engaging in “bluff” by suggesting a property tax is not needed in December’s Budget.

The Finance Minister was responding to Fianna Fáil’s finance spokesman Micheal McGrath who said there were better revenue raising alternatives to a property tax.

McGrath said Fianna Fáil would publish its alternative budget plan next month but Minister Noonan said the property tax will be fixed on budget day.

“If the deputy thinks he has a convincing way of influencing me to move from that by putting up gentle tax increases to substitute for property tax increases I’d like to hear them.

“I believe you’re simply involved in an exercise of bluff. It was your government who brought in the commitment to introduce a property tax and you’re now pretending that you have some other way that people wouldn’t notice or feel.”

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