October gardening tips

October gardening tips

Late and heavy pruning risks plants suffering premature and terminal decline

Despite the weather continuing to be very variable, ground conditions are soft especially after the very wet summer we’ve had, therefore one needs to be careful not to cause any damage to the lawn area when doing any work in the garden during this period. Predictably in October temperatures will begin to fall and the days will become shorter and colder.

It is however a very busy month in the garden, and weather permitting, time to complete many outstanding gardening tasks (planting bulbs, transplanting trees/shrubs, maintenance) ahead of the winter period. During this period the garden is also stunningly beautiful as the last blooms of summer perennials put on their final display and the autumnal look begins in full swing and the stunning spectacle and variety of autumnal leaf colours an absolute joy to see.

  • Regularly remove fallen leaf from lawn areas
  • As the grass will continue to grow albeit more slowly,  trim all edges for a neater look
  • Prune climbing roses, cut and tidy any herbaceous perennials which have died back
  • As they lose leaf, give deciduous shrubs a light prune to help improve shape
  • Repair any damaged lawn areas and seed new areas
  • Apply autumn/winter lawn feed (specially formulated for use at this time of year)
  • If you’re planning on starting to grow fruit or vegetable in the spring, now is a good time to clear the ground and do initial dig allowing the oncoming colder winter to break down the rough soil into a fine crumbly texture.
  • Now is a very busy period for completing the planting of spring flowering bulbs

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