Landscaping raised planting beds, Sandyford, Dublin

Landscaping raised planting beds, Sandyford, Dublin

Earlier project phases (site groundworks, installation of land drains and setting out of foundations for retaining walls) completed, enables ‘building’  landscaping works to now commence.

In this phase an exciting combination of screening walls as well as an extensive series of raised planting beds/retaining walls will be constructed.

Initially, works will entail the construction of the concrete blockwalls, these will form integral supporting elements of the sandstone faced walls which are to be finished in ‘drystone’ style.

Sweeping concrete foundations define the layout for new raised planting beds

Construction of new retaining walls begins with concrete blockwork

Sweeping raised planting beds and retaining walls traverse the patio areas

Retaining walls must circumvent outcrops of the natural granite bedrock

The snaking layout to the raised planting bed easily draws the eye along its route

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