60% of estate agent licence applications rejected

60% of estate agent licence applications rejected

More than half of the 5,000 applications for licences required by estate agents from the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PSRA) have been rejected, according to a report in today’s Irish Independent.

The PSRA has confirmed that only 40% of applications (2,000) received by the deadline of July have been accepted. The body has written asking the others to apply again.

Reasons given for the rejections include forms filled out incorrectly, missing data, details of qualifications that were not deemed relevant, cheques drawn out wrongly and incorrect tax clearance information.

It has also emerged that around 250 agents are being barred from providing professional property services because they sent their applications in late – and it could be well into next year before they get the opportunity to re-apply for a license.

Under new legal requirements, auctioneers, estate agents, lettings agents and management companies now need an operating licence issued by the PSRA.

A PSRA spokesman said: “This is a new process, and a number of unexpected issues have arisen – for example, the situation where accountants have told applicants that they can’t get relevant tax clearance because they are jointly assessed.

“We’ve had to show them how to get such clearance from the Revenue Commissioners. It’s quite a complex process for the applicants, and we’ve provided a 40-page booklet to tell applicants how to proceed.”

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  1. Simon Oliver at 12:06 pm

    The oft-decried French system whereby state-appointed ‘notaires’ handle all conveyancing work means that dodgy solicitors and incompetent estate agents kept away from the pointy end of the business.

  2. Paddy at 4:51 am

    Based on the level of professionalism of Irish property sales people, a 60% fail rate is too low, 90% have difficulty returning phone calls and reading emails.
    But, as a veteran of nine property transactions I must admit that estate agents are not the worst, the solicitors take the award for absolute incompetence. It works like this; buyer/seller pays fee to solicitor and expects professional work but solicitor tosses the work back to the ‘girl in the office’ and goes to lunch/to do something more important/whatever, does not bother to check the girl’s flawed work which leads to problems with transfer of title, delay, additional cost to buyer and seller, stress, etc.
    For our last few transactions we ‘walked’ the paperwork from one office to the next checking it for mistakes in the process, result; a smooth transfer of ownership with no issues or delays. And we still had to pay the solicitor’s fee!

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