Property tax will be fair, insists Taoiseach

Property tax will be fair, insists Taoiseach

The planned value-based property tax will be as fair, affordable and equitable as possible, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has insisted.

The Mayo man said people will be informed of the new charge well in advance as he attempts to steer the Government away from a repeat of confusion around the introduction of water and household levies.

“It is part of the commitment we have that the property tax will be introduced following a decision of the Government collectively in as fair and affordable a fashion as possible,” said Mr Kenny.

He said the Government will discuss the range, nature and characteristics of the tax following the publication of the Thornhill Report, to be published by Environment Minister Phil Hogan. The report on the tax is expected “fairly soon”, Mr Kenny told a Fine Gael parliamentary think-tank in Westport, Co Mayo.

Mr Hogan was personally criticised in January following confusion surrounding the introduction of the household charge – an interim flat €100 rate put in place until the permanent value-based property tax is implemented.

Householders were initially left unsure of how and where they could pay the annual bill. A second controversy surrounding water charges left Mr Hogan red-faced in April, following confusion over the cost of water meters and timing of installation.

“I would like to think that people will be informed in good time as to when the property tax will take effect, the nature of it and what it is that people will be obliged to contribute,” Mr Kenny said of the introduction of the property tax.

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