Starting a heritage garden

Starting a heritage garden

Site clearance at Killenard, Co Laois

Killenard strikes me as a wonderfully quaint yet despite the very busy local farming community a very attractive and tranquil village located in an enviable wider rural setting. Despite the nearby presence of the luxurious setting of  The Heritage Hotel with its world class golf course and the stunning health and spa treatment centres, here in this rather idyllic environment it is hardly surprising how easy one can become absorbed by the more peaceful surroundings and simply enjoy being here.

But we’re here to do a job and on this occasion a large family garden which was rather unappealing and not particularly practical where a family might simply want to relax whilst the young children play safely.

The new design proposed and agreed, insisted on significant changes, a larger patio but better positioned in which to make more use of the sunny aspects, removal of most of the existing planting as much of this was deemed unsuitable/unwanted shrubs and overgrown trees casting deep shade were easy candidates for early dispatch targets.

Similarly the garden shed occupying a prime location and in full view was simply unacceptable and unnecessary. As excavation and clearance works got underway, it was important to safeguard and retain as much site soil, adopting a ‘cut and fill’ approach to creating a more evenly levelled lawn and site.

Landscaping clearance works

Marking out the new garden layout

Ground cleared and levelled suggests some exciting prospects

All concrete waste can be used as backfilling for raised patio

All excavated soil is retained on site and re-distributed to where required

Trench excavated for pouring foundations for raised bed walling

Raised bed foundation's concrete poured and setting

Hardcore sub-base compacted and ready for patio paving

The sweeping stone faced raised bed will be an integral feature of the new garden

Construction works on sandstone patio and raised bed make good progress

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