Property price register will be ready by October

Property price register will be ready by October

The new property price register will let people know the exact selling price of houses in areas around the country

The long-awaited property price register will be released by October.

The register will detail the sale price of every home and apartment sold since January 2010 and will help the government determine what property tax people will pay.

The new register will allow people to check what price their neighbours paid for properties in their area and will help homeowners calculate what their property tax bill will be after full details are announced in December’s Budget.

The register will also allow the Revenue Commissioners to determine whether homeowners are artificially lowering the cost of their home to pay less tax.

Tom Lynch of the Property Services Regulatory Authority (PRSA) said he expects his organisation to be able to provide the real selling price of houses within 30 days of a sale going through.

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