Refunding of household charge dismissed

Refunding of household charge dismissed

Longford County Council Mayor Sean Farrell

The Mayor of Longford Co Council has dismissed a suggestion by an independent councillor in the Midlands county that people who’ve paid the household charges should apply for refunds.

Fine Gael Mayor Sean Farrell was responding to a call from his fellow south Longford councillor Mark Casey for people to write in to local authorities and request a refund if they had already paid the controversial charge.

Mayor Farrell says applying for a refund is a ridiculous notion given that the charge is now the law of the land which must be adhered to. He says it would be no different to applying for a refund of income tax paid.

And speaking on local radio, the Longford Mayor has confirmed that there are cuts coming as a result of non-compliance with the household charge.

He says facilities that come under the heading of discretionary expenditure in the county like libraries and swimming pools will be looked at closely, but so too will voluntary and community projects.

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