Tips on moving

Tips on moving


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8 – 12 weeks

All Moves

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Once the decision for the move is made establish exactly what is to be moved within the house.

Make contact with a moving company to set up an appointment for a surveyor to call and assess your move requirements and provide a quotation.

At the appointment make sure you provide comprehensive details of your move, discuss options available and give clear instructions of what you want included/excluded from the quotation.

International Moves

Gather personal records, medical, dental, school, reports and motor vehicle insurance experience and banking references if you are moving overseas.

If moving overseas, make arrangement to complete forms for Tax Returns, Child Benefit, Pension Arrangements. You may need to engage the services of a Financial Advisor.

Check requirements for Visa or work permits of host country and the length of time required for processing.

Look at the option of engaging a relocator at your destination who can provide you with all the necessary information of your host country. This will assist in a smooth transition of a new environment

Check to see if your electrical appliance will function at your destination.

4 – 7 weeks before move date

All Moves

Confirm your moving dates and book packing dates with your movers
Complete the return the acceptance form and confirm your insurance requirements. Make contact with the Post Office to have your post re-directed.

Contact all the necessary parties to advise change of address:-

  • Credit cards company
  • Insurance companies
  • Mail order accounts
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Rental or hire purchase companies
  • Taxation office
  • Friends and relatives

Obtain details of new school dress codes and book material, if a uniform is required place an order with the school so that the items are available upon arrival together with any reading or writing materials.

International Moves

If you are moving overseas there are many Expatriate Support Groups which you can join, they provide a good way of meeting people and are useful course of information and guidance.

Make your travel arrangements if moving long distance or overseas

If bringing your pet, check regulations at destination and consider engaging professional assistance at procedures can be difficult from country to country. Ensure that the relevant health certificates, immunizations and permits are completed.

1 – 3 weeks before move date

Collect items from repairers, cleaners, lent to friends/relatives

Return library books.

Ensure you have sufficient prescription medication to cover the period of disruption Safely dispose of all flammables e.g. paints, gas bottles, cleaning fluids and oils Clear attic/basement

If your moving company is not making arrangements for you, book tradespeople to carry out services e.g. dismantling waterbeds, removing light fittings, house cleaning services and dismantling of satelite equipment, disconnecting, washing machine, dishwasher.

Cancel household deliveries and services.

If moving internationally dispose of house plants as these may not be included. Organise final readings and disconnection of gas/electricity/telephone.

The week before your move

Clean outdoor equipment and toys, drain any fuel from your lawnmower, and other machinery and ensure that water is drained from hoses.

Arrange for you valuable documents, jewellery and money to be moved separately.

Defrost refrigerator and freezer, ensure that they are completely dry prior to moving to avoid mildew.

Wash and dry all linen and clothing.

Prepare your washing machine for moving, disconnect power and water, check if transit bolts need to be fitted.

If you clothing is to be transported on hangers in wardrobe cartons, ensure that all clothes is securely fastened on the hanger and that they are all facing the same way.

Dispose of unwanted items and return rented or hired goods.

Mark clearly items which you are leaving behind for the new occupier.

Your moving day

It is your responsibility to be present at the time the move takes place, ensure that when the removal crew arrived you escort them around the house confirming what is to be moved and any special instructions.

Ensure that everything has been packed and loaded for transportation, a final check round with one of the crew, opened all cupboard doors and checking behind doors should avoid items being left behind.

You maybe asked to sign a packing inventory list check carefully to ensure that you are happy with the content, you will be asked to check and sign it again at delivery.

Before leaving the property ensure that all windows are secure and water, gas, electricity supplies are switched off. Keys for the residence together with any documents relating to the property or equipment remaining at the house are left at the nominated point.

At the time of delivery ensure that you are present in order to advise the movers where to place items and check against the packing list.

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