Creative garden design to get more from space

Creative garden design to get more from space

Designing gardens to create more space and more light makes a valuable contribution to enjoying a better quality of life.

Creating gardens which are colourful, spacious and less onerous are popular requirements for many clients. Raised planting beds and split level gardens can help make much practical sense yet very impressive stylish solutions. Reducing the maintenance, increasing the comfort and improving the convenience through easier access to more usable space are critical performance criteria.

Designing gardens with an open aspect not only makes the garden more relaxing and less fussy but also much more spacious. There are many good things to be done from within small spaces. Optimising space not only helps to create more light, an important and inviting attribute and one is also more likely to be encouraged to find the time to take a deep breath and relax from our daily stress.

The practical convenience and appealing structure of raised bed planters can also be used very effectively to define the garden space, control the layout and offer an appealing space requiring less and easier maintenance.

LED lighting with its low running costs and long working life should also be exploited to dramatically extend the time enjoying the garden or revealing more of the garden and/or specific features and focal points. Which is why it should come as no surprise to discover that lighting is an integral component of current garden design and landscaping.

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