Household charge income passes €100 million mark

Household charge income passes €100 million mark

Over €100 million has now been brought in by the household charge

Income from the household charge yesterday passed the €100 million mark, according to the latest figures from the Local Government Management Agency.

Despite this, the government are still owed €60 million based on their target of taking in €160 million from the controversial €100 charge this year.

The latest figures also show that just over 5,000 landlords and second home owners have paid the charge since warning letters were issued last month.

Some 47 of those who paid after getting letters sent by local authorities were major landlords owning more than 20 properties each.

One landlord who owns 130 homes paid almost €15,000, just under €2,000 of which was in late payment penalties.

More than 100,000 warning letters were sent by city and county councils last month to homeowners who had failed to pay.

A further 60,000 are to be issued by the middle of next week.

Read more in today’s Irish Times.

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