Split level garden design and landscaping

Split level garden design and landscaping

As well as providing good access, steps can also be an integral design feature

Making use of all available space is usually a pre-requisite in landscaping suburban family gardens and this requirement is not surprisingly more important when tackling sloping sites when devising a design to make as much of the garden area accessible and usable. Although sloping sites might make fun play areas for children, they are otherwise usually under utilised and not favoured by adults because such sites can be problematic and limiting (sloping ground not practical for patio areas, mowing grass on slopes is difficult etc).  Which is why when one is devising design ideas to address sloping ground in a sub-urban garden and convert a previous sloping site into two (split) level areas making more of the available space more usable more of the time, does grab attention.

The transition from lower to upper levels must also be carefully considered and here too are opportunities to embrace the transition as both a functional and aesthetic element within the overall scheme. In this project not only have the size of steps been made generous, the gentle sweeping curve consistent with the prevailing curves of the higher level has also been used to good effect, producing an eye catching unconventional step.

The garden layout is largely influenced by a practical and easily maintained layout. But here too style and plant selections fulfill ornamental and screening roles but combine seamlessly to produce a stunning composition with striking results. The skill and careful construction of the natural stone paving to produce patio areas at upper and lower levels are contrasted by the sweeping lawn profile which is also influenced by a similar geometry to define the gentle sweeping curves of the raised planted beds constructed in eye catching drystone walling.

The simple geometric profiles produce a gentle but distinctive dynamic within the overall layout, generating several focal points and much to attract the eye and retain attention. A striking range of planting producing seasonal results throughout the year, ensures that the dynamic effect is hard at work here too.

Raised planter segregates planting from lawn area and informal seating space

Zonal layouts within a split level garden layout

Using planting to screen, create focal points as well as ornamental interest

Rustic tones of the sandstone paving blends beautifully with other elements

A confident looking but easily managed split level garden layout

Using plants as diagonal focal points reinforces the sense of space

An unfussy and uncluttered layout enhances the calming atmosphere


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