Property tax shouldn't be rushed, insists Keaveney

Property tax shouldn't be rushed, insists Keaveney

Colm Keaveney

The chairman of the Labour Party Colm Keaveney has suggested that the government should hold off on implementing the property tax if rushing it through means mistakes are made and it becomes a complicated process.

The Galway East TD was responding to proposals from one tax expert that the introduction of the new tax should be put off for a year.

At the moment, it’s due to be rolled out next year, to replace the current flat-rate household charge.

Deputy Keaveney outlined the kind of system he’d like to see introduced: “It would pick up the size of the house, the location of the home and the level of amentities.

“It would develop a matrix, a sliding scale of a fair system based on an ability to pay. If it’s complicated to construct this system, then I would much prefer if we wait and get it right than make any mistakes at the outset.”

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  1. Paddy at 5:28 pm

    Property tax should be decided by the residents of each local authority area, as done in Switzerland. If you want more teachers, more street cleaning, better old folks homes, or more police then you pay more tax, simple as that. That is what democratic decision making means, the people decide what they want and pay for it themselves.

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