Irish estate agents the best around

Irish estate agents the best around

Irish estate agents are amongst the best in the world according to a new survey

Irish estate agents are the best around, according to a new survey from Jones Lang La Salle.

The survey established Ireland as the best of 97 countries when it comes to estate agency services and quality of pre-sale information.

The top-seed placing was awarded to Ireland in the “transaction process” category of the bi-annual Jones Lang Lasalle Global Real Estate Transparency Composite Index just published.

This category deals primarily with the quality of pre-sale information available to investors from estate agents and other sources, and the overall standard of revelation regarding properties.

It is one of five categories in which world property markets are judged for transparency.

For overall transparency Ireland’s property market fared 15th, gaining slightly on its points from the previous survey conducted in 2010 in which we also ranked 15th.

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  1. JG at 2:28 pm

    This is laughable! I have dealt with estate agents in the UK and in the USA and in coming back here to Ireland found – in general – Irish Estate agents to be by far the worst I have dealt with. Some exceptions of course. Peter – you know who you are! – You were excellent.

    1. They don’t phone you back. “Hi – I would like to buy a house. Do you have anything of interest?” In UK and in the USA you will get daily calls until you ask them to stop. In ireland, most estate agents never returned the call. Apart from the economic climate I was considering getting into the business myself given the absolute shocking lack of interest most of them showed. Perhaps I didn’t make their qualification criteria. I was looking to spend a couple of mill and had most of the cash already.

    2. They don’t listen or read emails. Its really not that complex. When you ask them something or tell them something and go to the trouble of putting it in writing (via email) they should really read that so that you don’t have to have frustrating waste of time conversations about the same old things over and over.

    3. They don’t seem to be up to speed on the requirements our banks have in today’s climate before lending. Our agent constantly kept saying “I have never heard of a bank wanting that before” and “I have been an agent for over 20 years and I never heard of that before”. I heard the latter sentence when our bank asked us to get a survey done.

    The whole experience was incredible really. I found them to be utterly useless for the most part and glad I finally have bought and no longer need to deal with them. There are a couple of exceptions like i said but in general I would score them 1 or 2 out of 5. Poor folks – need to improve. If some of us coming back from abroad did our jobs like ye do yours we would not have them.

  2. sean at 7:24 pm

    you must be fkn joking the blind leading the

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