Household charge reminders sent to people who had already paid

Household charge reminders sent to people who had already paid

Some of the reminder letters sent out last week about the €100 household charge were sent to people who had already paid

The office in charge of collecting the controversial household charge, the Local Government Management Agency, has received over 1,800 complaints from people who received reminder letters last week but who had already registered and paid the €100 fee.

Last week 37,750 letters were sent out by local authorities nationwide to reminder householders of their obligation to pay the charge – which was due by March 31st last.

The letter also includes information on penalties that can be incurred as a result of late payment.

However, a number of these letters were received by people who had already registered their property for the charge.

A spokesperson for the LGMA said that “as the letters are generated based on address matching and other criteria across databases, there will be some instances where matches will not be found.”

She added that addresses can be entered differently on two separate databases.

To date 957,733 homeowners have registered for the charge.

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  1. Micheal Mouse at 9:13 am

    52% still hav’nt paid’ figures have been confirmed by a Prof in Manooth college.

    I wont be paying so they can shove it up there ARSES.

    Dont be bullied by this government’ while they get there big wages and expences ordinary working class people are finding it hard to make ends meat

  2. Donny at 7:40 am

    I’m waiting to get one myself. I’ll be “personally” responding to it.

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