Household Charge reminder letters sent out

Household Charge reminder letters sent out

Reminder letters have been sent out to people who have yet to pay the household charge

The first batch of reminder letters addressed to homeowners over non-payment of the household charge arrived through letterboxes around the country this morning.

The Local Government Management Agency said 957,733 properties have registered for the charge so far with a further 17,607 properties registered for waivers.

The agency said money continues to be paid in daily and that penalties and interest will continue to accrue for those properties which have yet to be registered. Those who pay the household charge this week will end up paying €114 when the charge and interest and penalties are applies.

Chair of the Household Charge Project Board Jackie Maguire said the first batch of homeowners who have not yet paid the charge has been taken from a sample set “following an initial data comparison between the Household Charge database and other databases as set out in the Act”.

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