Summerhouses – exceptional garden buildings

Summerhouses – exceptional garden buildings

Summerhouse hexagonal 6ft/1800mm

Summerhouse hexagonal 8ft/2400mm

Our new 2012 range of Victorian Summerhouses is now available. Synonymous with superb craftsmanship, our elegant summerhouse designs are made with traditional construction methods and using the finest natural cedar, to create stunning, high quality and naturally durable garden buildings.

Victorian Summerhouses are  a traditional garden favourite which can be used throughout the year, whether your preference is for a garden retreat in a secluded spot, an inspiring art studio, a home office  or simply a luxurious and relaxing garden room, our Victorian Summerhouses are exceptional garden buildings.

Customers may choose hexagonal (six sided) or octagonal (eight sided) formats and a range of sizes including 1800mm (6′0″), 2400mm (8′0″), 3000mm (10′0″) etc. We understand that every Summerhouse is as individual as its owner which we why we offer a customer specific advice and service  to determine your preferred design.

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Summerhouse octagonal 6ft/1800mm

Summerhouse octagonal 8ft/2400mm

All summerhouses come with natural hardwearing cedar floors


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