TV3's The Morning Show: Property Prices

Catch up on TV3’s The Morning Show from Monday where Angela Keegan, Managing Director of and Karl Deeter of Irish Mortgage Brokers spoke to Martin King and Claire Brock about the Central Bank’s report that says residential property prices here are undervalued by anything between 12% and 26%. Angela also spoke about’s new ‘Live Price Change‘ feature, which tracks asking prices in real time as they rise and fall.

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  1. Paddy, again at 6:24 pm

    Just checked my calendar, it’s May 1st, the ‘lets talk up the prices campaign’ is happening again, same as happened this time last year. Perhaps we should make this an official annual event in every estate agent’s diary.

  2. Paddy smells a rat at 5:30 pm

    As we have often seen in the past the evidence quoted in the article does not support an Irish Independent headline. For example, the statement on page one of the Indo article, “new research suggests that house prices could begin rising again if the banks start lending or new lenders come into the market”. Who writes this drivel, a 10-year old? Was this ‘research’ quality controlled for accuracy or relevance? I’ll bet not. As for the rising young population, I guess that in 30-years time, that’s in 2042, we will have a rush to the ghost estates for a ‘bargain’!

    As always the truth is that Irish housing is too expensive. Years of re-zoning fraud and political bribery made rich men richer while the house buying sucker gets poorer.

    The target should be to get prices down to a level where a worker on €50k can afford a 3-bed semi-D in an area with good public transport and schools, buying it with a 20% deposit and an 80% mortgage over 20-years. Note that €50k is 160% of the 2012 average industrial wage; people at this income level (our brother and sister citizens) would have to be happy with renting or a small flat.

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