Renovate your home to increase its value

Renovate your home to increase its value

A loft conversion can add significantly to the value of your home


One of the most popular types of home improvements is creating a loft space in your attic. A loft adds to the value of your home by installing another room to your home, which could be let to provide extra income. When you decide to undertake a loft conversion, work with a knowledgeable contractor with experience in doing loft conversions.

The contractor will look closely at your future loft space to learn whether a conversion is possible. The contractor will see if there is enough room under the roof’s ridge. Headroom is usually adequate at about 2.3 metres. Above the stair access, at least 2 metres is needed. The contractor will look for rainwater that comes into the attic. If problems are seen, the contractor may repair the roof. Roof repairs will also be needed if a dormer window is installed.

Adding a roof window is one way to do a loft conversion. The extra light will brighten the new room. You may need to have planning permission, and you will definitely need building regulation permission for this type of conversion. Roof windows fit into your roof’s line, and they make the room generally more appealing.

If you install a dormer, an extension of the roof with a window, it can increase the space and headroom in the loft. It also provides better stair access. Get planning permission from local authorities before you install a dormer.

Other types of conversions include the “mansard” and “hip to gable” types. These conversions require certain attic space features for successful conversion and would do great at property auctions.

Some loft spaces are not in homes, but are in former industrial buildings. High ceilings that are unfinished, big windows and exposed brick walls and duct work are popular in industrial loft spaces. Many of these types of lofts do not have full-height walls separating living areas within the space. You may find some lofts even have cargo elevators that bring the tenant up to the loft and down to street-level.

In many cases, up to 30 per cent of a home’s space is in the attic. When you convert the attic to a loft area, you will gain another bathroom, entertainment room, office or another bedroom. This is especially important to growing families who do not want to move house to a larger property. Although the specific value-added amount differs from property to property, a loft conversion can up the selling price of your house by about 20%.

An extra bedroom, more light, and more home value combine to make a loft conversion one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. The process will take some time and money, but the end result will be worth the effort and expense.

Talk with others in your area who have done loft conversions to get references for contractors. Hire one with a good reputation. Meet each contractor in person before you decide on one for your loft conversion. Work with the one with whom you feel the most comfortable and who has the best references.

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