Government to pursue household charge evaders

Government to pursue household charge evaders

Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan has said the Government will pursue all those who have not yet paid the household charge.

Speaking in Kilkenny this afternoon, the minister said letters will be sent to householders from local authorities reminding them of the penalties and interest relating to non-payment.

Full details of how the system will work will be announced early next week.

The Cabinet will discuss the issue on Tuesday.

More than 900,000 people have registered for the household charge, with €90m collected to date.

Mr Hogan said many people had expected it to be dropped or changed before the deadline date of a few weeks ago and they now realise what he had said all along, that it would not be.

The minister said he’s very satisfied with the numbers that have paid in the past week in particular.

The estimate for the number of households who are due to pay the charge is between 1.6 and 1.8 million.

The 900,392 who have registered includes 14,655 people who have registered for waivers.

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  1. mary hardgloss at 10:23 pm

    we have no money to pay the household charge. Can you not understand.

  2. mary hardgloss at 10:22 pm

    unfortunately we cannot pay the household charge because we are in receipt of social welfare. We are unable to keep putting food on the table and we are being bled dry for money which we do not have. Never again will we vote either fianna fail or fine gael because they do not care if we starve to death so long as we keep giving them the money that we need to survive and we are not even surviving.


  3. MICKEY MOUSE at 6:28 pm

    Dont belive your figures Mr Hogan still wont be paying.

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