Rabbitte insists full property tax will be "fair" and based on site values

Rabbitte insists full property tax will be "fair" and based on site values

Pat Rabbitte

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte has insisted that the full property tax will, when brought in, be graduated and related to site value.

Rabbitte said it will be a fairer payment whereby wealthy people pay more than those on lower incomes.

The comments come in the aftermath of the controversy sparked by the household charge, an interim measure under which all households handed over the same fee of €100 regardless of its size.

Minister Rabbitte said efforts are being made to ensure the final property tax reflects people’s circumstances.

“The property tax will be graduated and it will be related to site value. It will not make equivalent the social welfare recipient and the millionaire,” he said.

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  1. owen at 7:16 pm

    I look forward to seeing the details of how fair the new charging structure will be. We know that the site value of modest sized properties (including privately owned ex-Council properties) will have higher site values than corresponding rural palaces. I’ll hold fire but will not be surprised if the hardpressed hardworking professionals and Public sector employees will bear the burden of paying the most of the new ‘fairer system” whilst the rich rural dwellers can escape through the net of middleclass socialist fiscal policy.

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