Limestone paving

Limestone paving

Limestone paving stylish finish with a hint of drama

Limestone paving for a bolder darker tone and less maintenance

Limestone paving strikes a bold contrast to the lush green lawn

Limestone paving's bolder tones are softened by sweeping curves

One of the most revealing aspects of this completed garden makeover project is just how dramatic and bold limestone paving is when wet. Some might consider the darker tones too strong or too bold, but once again the results of this project reveals that the darker tones can be dramatically softened by gentle sweeping curves to create very striking contrast between the hard and soft landscaping surfaces.

Another distinct but obvious advantage of limestone paving is that surface discoloration caused by weathering, rain etc is considerably less than with corresponding brighter stone which means less maintenance to keep surfaces clean. This is especially relevant for Irish gardens particularly ones which might have a northerly or shaded aspect. Limestone paving is practical, dramatic and versatile.

Other elements of the makeover includes the raised planting beds directly around the patio areas which provide informal seating, various planting styles (screening, ornamental and herb) and of course a bespoke stone water feature. A distinct and very successful aspect of the garden layout is the enticing sweeping curves of various elements including the main pathway, planted border and patio edging. The variable depths of the planted border beds will yield a much more fuller and natural finish as new plants mature.  Plant selection featured primarily low growing (< 1.0m) evergreen shrubs with good flowering and/or colourful foliage. Accent colours will be provided by the almost continuous displays of a significant number of herbaceous perennials, carefully positioned so as to avoid any major gaps during the dormant season.

Limestone paving offers a striking finish and a perfect blend to other elements

Limestone paving versatility in various formats and layouts

Sweeping pathway offers enticing visual interest and subtle space definition

Informal planting offers a perfect background for a rustic bespoke water feature

New layout retains an open aspect but creates a more inviting natural feel

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