Garden makeover in Glasnevin

Garden makeover in Glasnevin

Plenty of site clearance (including removal of fish pond) work required

Existing Decking and planters will be replaced with new layout

The removal and replacement of an old garden with a new and improved layout usually involves considerable effort and significant disruption.

The removal of hard landscaping elements such as patios, decking and pathways being less vulnerable to the weather are much more manageable and straight forward than the removal of lawn areas or the re-grading of large areas of soil.  Given the good fortune of excellent and unusually warm March weather enables us to make considerable progress with the construction of the new limestone raised patio, rendered raised planting beds and the broader site clearance works including removal of the fish pond and old lawn.

Initial site clearance  and preliminary ground grading works completed, provides us with the first uninterupted clear view of the  the actual space. This corresponds to a key point within the project where the new garden layout becomes more evident and the former older garden a memory.

Hard landscaping work in progress: raised limestone patio and planting bed

Limestone patio and raised planting bed capped with matching natural limestone

Rendering of raised planting bed walls provides a neat finish

A well compacted hardcore sub-base is essential for a stable raised patio

Site clearance yields to the new order of a new layout

The long view following a long day and the satisfying look of graded ground

Ground clearance and re-grading is best done during dry spells

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