Figure liable for household charge higher than initially reported

Figure liable for household charge higher than initially reported

Gregor Kerr of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes

Almost 1.8 million households are liable for the household charge, according to details contained in 2011 Census, which was published last Thursday.

The figure is over 200,000 more than the government’s initial estimate of those liable for the €100 charge – the deadline for which passed last Saturday.

The Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) accused the government of spin today after Rob Kitchin of the All Ireland Research Observatory in NUI Maynooth pointed out on RTÉ Radio that there are 1,994,845 dwellings in the State.

When the number of unsold or exempt properties (18,638), the number of social housing tenants (143,000) and the number of waivers for those in unfinished estates or those on mortgage interest supplement (53,000) was taken into account, that left 1,755,685 liable for the charge.

That is well above the government’s estimate of 1.6 million.

Gregor Kerr of the CAHWT said: “As of yesterday, the LGMA had 832,000 registrations or awaiting processing. More than 1.8 million must register. This means that almost one million still had not registered for the Household Tax, an amazing figure given both the crude and subtle intimidation.

“The media really should carry accurate reporting of the numbers who must register, rather than repeat government efforts to minimise the boycott. There is no more accurate figure of properties than the 2011 Census and no excuse for government misinformation.”

Mr Kerr said that, even if the figures increase, there is no way a Government can impose a tax in the long term with such low support in society.

He said: “They should stop calling the handling a ‘mistake’ – the charge itself is a mistake and should be scrapped.”

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