progress with work on South Dublin home progress with work on South Dublin home


Recently commenced work on a period family home in South County Dublin. Here is their latest update of how work is progressing. Previous updates can be found here.





Hello again to everyone following our blog on the restoration and extension of a period home in Dublin.

Three external developments have taken place since we last blogged. One is the fibreglass roofing with the new rooflights and the other is the fitting of the Aluclad windows and sliding doors.

Fibreglass roof covering commences

As you can see from the pictures we have our Fibreglass roof covering started and it is a pretty impressive product so far. The upstands for the rooflights are in place so that the Fibreglass covering can be brought up along them to ensure a waterproof joint later on when we put the actual rooflights on. The base coat primer and mesh are done first on the roof and that gets us pretty much waterproof.

We won’t apply the Grey finish coat at this point as there is still some plastering and chimney works to take place and we do not want to run the risk of damaging either the Fibreglass roof finish or the glazed rooflight units. We will hold off on those two items for as long as possible, especially with our fantastic March weather going on which is giving us a great benefit in all outdoor works!  We will post some pictures of the finished roof and rooflights in a couple of weeks time so you can see what it all ends up like.

The Aluclad windows are being fitted as we speak and that was another eventful day as they had to be crane lifted from the front garden into the rere of the house. Pictures will follow as they proceed.

The other big development is the finishing works going on within the original house. These are progressing nicely now and the painters have also started working.

The tiling has been done to the two main bathrooms and in both cases we applied an anti-crack membrane to the floor before tiling to help with any possible movement/shrinkage of the timbers below. A beautiful pattern tile was fitted to the master en-suite and it really blends in with the look and feel of the house so congrats to the design team on that one!

Fibreglass roof covering commences

Other items such as cornices, stairs, panelling etc are also in progress now so we will update you with pictures etc as the work moves on but in the meantime….its back to the outside work while the sun is still shining!

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