Garden Design Landscaping Glasnevin

Garden Design Landscaping Glasnevin

Large areas poorly utilised are typical of poor and uninviting layouts

Inadequate steps can be more barrier than access

Even large lawn areas rarely benefit from dissecting pathways

A large koi pond with an overengineered safety grille lacking empathy with garden surroundings

Garden makeovers can sometimes be superificial, addressing specific elements but not in this case, whereby the owners were determined to include everything and exclude nothing in planning changes to this large family urban garden.

Although the area had been previously landscaped, the owners were anxious to improve not only the structural aspects and planted spaces but to tackle the inadequacies of the garden to be used more extensively as an outdoor living space. Early design challenges included some obvious elements to be addressed e.g., the overly linear layout, oversized fish pond which effectively curtailed the space for patio areas near the house and provided an unnecessary barrier between house and garden areas.

The exisiting decking demanded too much time and effort to maintain and was to be replaced with a raised patio constructed with natural limestone paving. The size and layout of the patio areas was to reflect the owners preferred times of use day and/or evenings. The owners also liked the sound of water and were keen to provide a solution which could fulfill this requirement but in a less labour demanding way.

As is normal for these types of garden makeovers, site clearance was the initial priority.

Excavating foundations trenches for Raised Planting Beds

Pipework to provide venting of internal suspended timber flooring

Blockwork construction of the Patio's Raised Planting Bed gets underway

Compacting the hardcore to provide a stable raised Patio sub-base

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