Garden Landscaping Makeover

Garden Landscaping Makeover

A large garden showing signs of overgrown fatigue

It is hardly surprising that in the course of a major house renovation works, that the garden can become tired looking and neglected.

On a more positive note, it is usually a good time to stand back and take a more critical view of the area and to seek opportunities for improvement. Simple linear layouts can look a little dull, whilst old unrendered concrete blockwalls are often drab, making offer a poor backdrop for any plants or features.

Garden sheds provide very useful garden storage but rarely make good focal points. How can sheds be made more discreet? Pathways are usually essential to provide direct access to patio and garden shed areas but dissecting the lawn area should be avoided. Instead of simply adopting a route one approach, try to create a direction which draws the eye through the available space whilst simultaneously framing and linking the various areas, e.g., planted borders, raised beds, patio etc.

Makeovers are not just about changing layouts but also useful to take a critical look at the functionality of the planting. Seek scope for screening, privacy and aesthetics whilst being more aware of the likely need to reduce the overall ongoing maintenance requirements. The addition of patios and raised beds are potentially major additions to the garden, important here too to consider size, relative scale and layout. Bigger isn’t necessarily more desirable or required, instead try to determine a comfortable patio size, which for the average group size of six adults would typically be 4.0m or more. Make good use of the line of the raised bed, providing access to decorative planting and good visibility from house and/or patio areas.

The secret to successful garden makeovers is to make full use of the available space, be more critical of existing plants or features and be more objective in redefining the incumbent layout. Fresh thinking and practical analysis will ensure that your garden makeover is more exciting and achieve the desired results which essentially is to achieve a new lease of life for a jaded space.

Distinctive lawn profile whilst trellis panels help to screen garden shed

A circular lawn can make variable widths of the planted border more interesting

A gentle sweeping pathway offers a softer and more appealing route

Natural stone finishes and colourful foliage create striking compositions

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