More than 85% of households have not paid household charge

More than 85% of households have not paid household charge

More than 85% of households have not paid the household charge with just over two and a half weeks to go before the deadline.

The group responsible for collecting the payments said yesterday it is confident more people will pay closer to the March 31st deadline.

However, those opposed to the charge say it shows that householders are not prepared to pay it.

So far just over 224,000 households have paid the charge – just 14% of the 1.6m households thought to be liable.

The Local Government Management Association is responsible for collecting payments.

Yesterday they met with the ESB electricity network to discuss how they can share information in order to track down those who do not pay.

The Data Protection Commissioner says it is awaiting a response from the parties as to how they will do this within their code of practise.

Householders have until the end of the month to pay the charge and the body responsible for collecting it says it will be able to cope with a last minute surge in payments.

However, it says it will make no exceptions if people fail to pay on time and that anyone who misses the deadline will be subject to a fine.

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  1. MICKEY MOUSE at 6:15 pm

    Bull Hogan you can shove your property tax up your ARSE.

  2. Tom at 9:12 am

    The reason that so many are refusing to pay is that most people see it as unjust. If the money was ring fenced for my locality I would have no porblem. Indeed I have already paid €100 euro to my local community council to help with enhancing the amenity of my area as I have done on several occasions in the past. I would have much more confidence that these amateur part time workers will use the money effectively unlike the highly paid civil servants who will be administering this household charge.

  3. Tom Higgins at 11:17 am


    Government have effectively lost this battle aready as 86% of households have not given in to their bullying tactics.

    They CANNOT touch us IF we all STICK TOGETHER and say “NO”…

    No to yet another Tax to bail out the people who made this mess happen. They should be in jail, but hey this is Ireland..

  4. Gerry at 11:24 am

    A fine? First I’ve heard of that! I am aware of a late payment charge becoming due after March 31st but that’s all. Can myhome confirm or deny whether or not a fine will also apply?

  5. Val Jones at 10:53 am

    I don’t understand why there’s such resistance to and publicity about this charge. The Universal Social Charge is far more onerous and unjust.
    And why wasn’t there more outcry against the government ‘stealing’ money out of pension funds.
    Is it because those avoiding other taxes can’t avoid this?

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