Landscaping after the builders have left

Landscaping after the builders have left

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Many of our landscaping projects usually follow completion of major house renovations. No sooner have the building and renovations works ended marking the beginning of ours. An exciting time and one full of optimism not least for the clients because typically not only does the landscaping represent the final stages of the disruption caused by building and landscaping works but more importantly the final stage in realising the final results.

It is hardly surprising therefore when clients full with expectation are excited about regaining ownership of home and enjoyment of the new garden areas.

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Initial landscaping works have concentrated on tackling the front garden/driveway and the installation of a new granite driveway and quite quickly one can see how wonderful the granite finish actually is. Even with only limited completion of soft landscaping (planting), the lush green complements beautifully with the granite tones and textures.

A Granite driveway always makes an impression

The formality of box hedging makes a wonderful contrasting perimeter

Preparing ground for new lawn and perimeter hedging

The granite installation works completed, focus switches to landscaping works of rear garden. Removal of much of the existing boundary planting was necessary in order to apply render to boundary walls. An integral element of the design was the construction of a granite faced Raised planting bed which also provided space for using most of any excavated soil.

Rendering makes boundary walls appealing and unobtrusive

Sweeping pathway a simple design feature which optimises lawn area

Raised planting bed under construction but an emerging feature is obvious

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