Vast majority in favour of Allsop Space auctions

Vast majority in favour of Allsop Space auctions

The packed crowd at last Thursday's Allsop Space auction in the Shelbourne Hotel

Despite a string of criticism about the practice, the vast majority of people are in favour of the Allsop Space auctions, which last Thursday raised over €12.4 million in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin.

A poll of almost 200 people by found that 83% said they agreed with the auctions, with just 14% against them. A further 3% said they did not know whether they agreed or disagreed with them.

That is despite a series of protests at the events, with at least two people having to be removed from the room at the start of last week’s auction for openly criticising Allsop and their auctioneer, Gary Murphy.

The poll also found that 73% of people believe there are bargains to be had at the auctions, with just 20% saying they did not think there was great value at them. A further 7% said they did not know.

People were less sure of whether they would like to sell their property at an auction though. 53% said they would but 39% said they wouldn’t. A further 8% were undecided.

People have less qualms about buying from an auction though. 78% said they would purchase at an auction if they had the available capital, while just 15% said they wouldn’t. 7% were undecided.

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