make significant advancements on South Dublin home make significant advancements on South Dublin home


Recently welcomed on board our latest blogger Here the AskDave team provide us with their latest report of work they are carrying out on a period family home in South County Dublin.




Hello to all you out there still interested in the building and renovating of property in Ireland!

Hardcore base ready for concrete slab

Just a quick update regarding our work on this period home in Dublin. As you can see we have advanced a good bit since our last blog you can see the rising walls have been done, the hardcore base is in and we are ready for pouring the concrete sub floor (there is underfloor heating going in). Note that the Radon barrier is in its proper position and held up so that no damage occurs before pouring the floor. We are using a high quality insulation from Kingspan which we have used before with excellent results. It is really important that no mortar or rubble is allowed to fall down between the two brick skins as that can lead to moisture penetration. Care is also to be taken to keep the metal wall ties clear of mortar for the same reason.

In the second picture you can see the structural steel frame has gone in. This has been shot blasted and primed for added protection of the steel. The steel frame was designed by Ciaran O’Brien of OBA Consulting Engineers who have done an excellent job. We worked with them before and found them to be well up to speed on all the relevant issues but also with a good eye to program and swift delivery of information which is really important to the project.

Structural steel frame

We have now started the building of the external walls and our next target will be to get the roof on so that all the trades can begin first fixing inside the new extension. “First fixing” is basically all the work that you don’t see at the end of the job (stud work, wiring, piping etc) and “Second fixing” refers to all that is seen at the end, such as doors, skirtings, sockets, rads etc. There is probably a more technical explanation of those terms but you wont go far wrong with that simple version!  Windows and rooflights have been ordered now so we need to be ready for them. We are also meeting the Fibreglass roof people this week to make sure that we have a clear understanding of their requirements. Needless to say the renovating works to the inside of the original house are well in hand and we will give you an update on that and some of its issues in our next blog. So till then…..

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