Garden water features – the science and nature of how any garden can gain from a soothing splash

Garden water features – the science and nature of how any garden can gain from a soothing splash

TITAN 3 Column Stainless Steel Feature

More than ever we need to find more time for ourselves and to relax more from the endless stress of modern living and the constant media pre-occupation of all things economic. More and more people are seeking new ways and means to take time out to re-charge the batteries. Plenty of choice out there including taking an expensive break/holiday join a gym, take up a new hobby/pastime etc.

A very traditional choice, albeit weather depending, is of course the garden. It is after all on the owner’s doorstep and a wonderful sanctuary, making it an ideal stress free zone.

One way of making the garden area more soothing, more enjoyable is of course adding a water feature. Traditionally these took the form of open ponds but because we are now more safety conscious and have less time for regular water maintenance chores, traditional ponds have been replaced by reservoir water features. These usually comprise of three essential elements, two of which are not visible.

The three elements are the main feature (usually made from stone or steel), the water reservoir (or tank) which simply stores the water and the third element, the water pump which pumps the water from tank up through feature and back to tank in a constant and continuous cycle. A great advantage of reservoir water features is that they do not require any plumbed supply and apart from some minor losses (sun, wind or thirsty pets) require little more than an occasional top up of a bucket of water during summer months.

One modern and increasingly popular type is stainless steel. The natural reflective and hardwearing attributes of stainless steel is an ideal material for a water feature and contrasts superbly with the lush and vivid colours of nearby planting . All shapes and sizes are now available, ranging from simple to complex and sometimes very abstract forms. For many, the simpler the better, and when not being used as a water feature, stainless steel also has the ability to attract attention and appeal of a modern art form or focal point. The almost frictionless motion of water running down stainless steel produces mesmerizing visual effects and when combined with the soothing gentle sound effects of running water definitely adds another dimension to the garden area.

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