Level of personal debt to be outlined today

Level of personal debt to be outlined today

The level of personal debt in Ireland will be outlined today

The level of credit card debt, car loans, term loans and overdraft debt accumulating in this country will be outlined this afternoon by statisticians from the Central Bank.

They will present their findings to a meeting of the Oireachtas Committee on finance at 2pm.

The findings will focus on the scale of personal and household debt, excluding mortgage arrears.

Committee Chairman Alex White said that although much of the Government’s and media focus has been on mortgage debt, the current levels of personal debt are an important part of the picture.

“The job of the finance committee is to assist in the public debate by getting the information out there so that we can have a picture on what the level of debt is – all debt, between the sovereign debt, mortgage debt, non-mortgage debt, credit cards and so on,” he said.

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