McCloud describes a lot of the building here as a "pile of crap"

McCloud describes a lot of the building here as a "pile of crap"

Kevin McCloud

The presenter of Channel 4 programme Grand Designs has described much of the housing that has been built here in the last decade as “extremely poor”.

Conservationist Kevin McCloud was speaking on a trip here yesterday as a guest of Coillte, during which he described the downturn in the construction industry in Ireland as a “huge crushing defeat.”

He said it had taken the recession to show that too many developers were building a “pile of crap” and that treating such houses as a “piece of stock demeans what a home is.”

Read the full article in today’s Irish Times here.

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  1. Paddy at 8:32 pm

    Well said Kevin McCloud, the majority of Irish houses are depressing, tasteless, rarely cleaned and badly maintained. Design, practicality and taste are concepts foreign to the majority of Irish home buyer and builders, and as for our architects, the horrible flats and house testify that many are little better than developer’s rent boys.
    Why don’t you get involved, plan some new Irish towns so we can demolish a lot of the existing suicide inducing hell holes.

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