A kitchen can sell a home

A kitchen can sell a home

A quality kitchen can help you sell your home

It’s extremely rare that you find a house without one and yet it can be one of the most important factors for people when they’re deciding whether or not to buy a house.

Yes, the importance of a kitchen cannot be underestimated. A good kitchen can sell a house.

It’s the heart of a home and that is something that is true all across the globe no matter what your background.

The old saying that the “stomach is the way to the heart” carries a lot of truth. Kitchens are where we spend much of our time and most of that is with our families. It’s the room where we nourish our bodies and our spirits.

Kitchens are also integral to entertaining and in today’s age of open floor plans, they’re a focal piece of many family rooms. It’s because of this that kitchens play such an important role in the buying and selling process.

This one room is the showpiece of the house. You’ll see it every day and your guests will see it during most visits. This means buyers want homes with up-to-date kitchens.

Kitchens can, however, be one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. These projects can also be the most labour and time intensive of all home renovations. It’s not just a new layer of paint.

Instead you find a complicated array of flooring, tiling, cabinets and counts, not to mention bulky electrical items such as fridges, cookers and dishwashers or washing machines.

This can mean that while buyers want an up-to-date kitchen, they’re not always willing to tackle the problem themselves. Most buyers want a kitchen that is ready to use the day they move in.

What do buyers look for in up-to-date kitchens though? A lot of this depends on what price range your home is in.

If homes in your area are selling for €100,000, there’s no point in spending €40,000 on a kitchen as it’s money you simply won’t get back. If you’re in a higher end neighbourhood though, upgrading the kitchen before a sale can add to the demand for a home.

It can be good to scope out the competition by going to viewings. It’ll give you ideas of styles and also what you need to do to stand out from the rest.

Don’t become overwhelmed though as sometimes a kitchen update can mean just a few minor changes. You can paint it a warm, neutral tone. Get rid of clutter. Update appliaces or get a high end looking counter for a fraction of the cost by choosing faux-granite or lower end granite.

You might even save a bundle by doing much of the work yourself.

The bottom line is a kitchen can sell a home. Do a little research and find out what your kitchen needs to make it competitive with area listings.

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