7pm to 10pm the peak time for criminal activity

7pm to 10pm the peak time for criminal activity

David Walsh, Group CEO of Netwatch

New figures have revealed that the busiest time for criminal activity at business premises around the country is between 7pm and 10pm.

The information was released by Carlow-based security firm Netwatch, who also revealed that there were 6,198 incidents of criminal activity last year at the 2,000 commercial premises which they monitor.

Netwatch said that December was the busiest month of the year with 721 incidents recorded with February the quietest with just 405.

Sunday was the busiest day with almost one in five (17%) of recorded incidents of criminal activity occurring that day. The majority of intruders (86%) arrived on the scene on foot, suggesting a preference for targeting smaller goods such as jewellery, laptops and cash.

Netwatch Group CEO David Walsh said that the company’s 2011 review shows that commercial criminal activity rose slightly in the second half of last year but that overall, remains consistent.

“Holiday periods were busy, with criminals particularly active during the summer months of May, July and August, when businesses are typically quieter,” Walsh said.

“The activity eased off in the autumn only to peak again during the festive period, when there was 70% increase in crime compared with the previous month.”

Netwatch says businesses should ensure that their building is well-lit to deter intruders and that employees have a secure cabinet to store small electronics out of sight.

It also recommends that companies review their security arrangements so that at least two personnel respond to emergency calls or that the keyholder responding to the call would be escorted to the premises by gardaí.

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