Case Study – Smith’s of Phibsboro Case Study – Smith’s of Phibsboro


Last week welcomed on board our latest blogger Here the AskDave team provide us with a case study on work they did in Smith’s in Phibsboro.



Case Study – Smith’s of Phibsboro

Project Description: This project was a full scale renovation with a special emphasis on the program and with the added complication of keeping the existing bar trading while the new building work was carried out to the rear, basement and side.  We had a very limited time (12 weeks) in which to complete the project as the client was anxious to be trading again for the Christmas period. It was agreed that we would work on the program and see what could be done to achieve the opening date. A plan was devised which allowed us to section off parts of the bar/lounge and proceed at full speed to get these areas ready. With the co-operation of the staff and an excellent understanding between client, architect and builder the date was achieved with four days to spare.

Client Comment: We were really surprised and very happy that a job that we had thought would take at least 16 weeks was done so quickly! We were very anxious to have our premises open again for Christmas and we certainly could not have done that without the efficiency and drive of the team. We are more than happy to recommend them for any similar projects. TP Smith, owner.

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