Dowds calls for fair property tax

Dowds calls for fair property tax

Robert Dowds

Labour TD Robert Dowds has called for the introduction of a progressive property tax which would be based on the value and size of a house.

He said: “The property tax must be fair, and those with the largest and more valuable houses must pay more. If supported by a reliable valuation system, and with exemptions for those on the lowest incomes, a property tax is actually one of the fairest forms of funding social services, such as roads and local government.”

To date there are many high profile tax exiles who have avoided making any revenue contribution to the state.

“The group of so-called ‘socialists’ who are opposing a property tax are actually opposing a tax which millionaires cannot escape through clever accounting. This group must be the only socialists in the world who are opposed to a property tax, and they should be ashamed of themselves for their regressive, millionaire-supporting campaign which is only being cheered on by the caviar class.

“Ireland is one of the only countries in Europe which does not have a property tax or an equivalent. Had a property tax been introduced by the last Government, it would have slowed down the speculation of the property bubble and helped develop a more sustainable form of economic growth.”

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