Proposed household broadcasting charge – the right or wrong way to do things?

Proposed household broadcasting charge – the right or wrong way to do things?

People are viewing content in a variety of different ways, prompting the idea for the proposed new household broadcasting charge

It’s a New Year but 20 days into January, householders are still wondering whether it will be a happy one or not.

Homeowners around the country were still debating whether or not they should pay the controversial new household charge when news broke this week of a possible new household broadcasting charge. According to the latest figures released by the Department of the Environment, 45,000 householders have paid the €100 household charge so far – taking in €4.5 million for the State’s coffers.

However, that is some way off the estimated 1.6 million homes that are liable for the charge, which will be replaced by a full blown property tax either next year or in 2013.

So with so many wondering whether or not they will pay that charge, the government dropped a real bombshell earlier this week when Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte announced that he was considering a household broadcasting charge to replace the current TV licence fee.

The reasons behind this are twofold. Firstly, the government wants to try and rake in some of the estimated €25 million being lost in TV licence revenue every year by those evading the charge and secondly, to target those watching TV, movies and sport on their laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Mr Rabbitte claims that the charge could be less than the €160 that over a million households are already paying for their TV licence but the more cynical in society have their doubts.

Today we ask you to have your say…

While no firm commitment has been made as to how the new household broadcasting charge will be collected, it is understood that it will be collected using the same system currently being used to collect the household charge.

The promise of a cheaper fee, spread more evenly amongst the country’s population, seems good in theory but there are those who have their fears about how much it will increase by.

There’s a similar fear at present surrounding the household charge. It might only be €100 now but many expect it to rise to as much as €1,000 when a full property tax is introduced and water charges are added to it.

Given those circumstances, it is somewhat understandable to see why people might have their reservations about a broadcasting fee.

There will be those who scream injustice, and the debate over the pay that some of RTE’s top earners receive is a constant sticking point for many, but we shouldn’t be surprised that this charge has come around.

It was a commitment in the programme for government and with funding for television in this country currently coming from around one million TV licence holders, news way to pay for it needed to be looked at.

With people now able to watch full programmes on tablets or phones, never mind PCs or laptops, it was only a matter of time before the number of those paying the TV licence fee dropped. An estimated 18% of people already don’t have a licence for their telly.

From a government point of view this will level the playing field. At present there is no way of targeting those avoiding the charge as TV licence inspectors do not know who resides in a house until they register for their licence for the first time.

The property database will solve that issue but still, many people remain unhappy. There are those who claim not to have a TV while others insist they do not watch RTÉ.

There are also additional charges for many on top of either the current TV licence fee or the proposed household broadcasting charge.

Anyone with a Sky or other digital subscription is already paying a monthly charge for their TV viewing, while even those who solely look at programmes on digital formats have to pay the likes of broadband fees.

Many more have opted to use the Freeview service, a one off subscription that gives you an abundance of TV stations but, crucially, not the Irish ones.

And with the current terrestrial signal being turned off later this year and being replaced by Saorview, many more will have to invest in new digital receivers or new TVs.

Of course, the household broadcasting charge is still just a proposal and even if it gets the go ahead Minister Rabbitte has admitted it won’t be ready next year so it could be 2014 at the earliest when it is introduced.

There’ll be lots of debate about it between now and then so why not have your say in our poll:

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  2. bsmith at 8:40 pm

    Compared to uk, tv licence was said to cover non commercial bbc with no advertising revenue for ethical reasons, RTE garner millions in revenue from commercial advertising so surely this should cover costs in theory collection of a fee is unjustified anyway –

  3. Pillaged Pay Packet at 7:12 pm

    The current useless grubberment is really scraping the barrel, first they put a tax on taking shite out of our homes (septic tank tax) and now they want us to pay a tax for pumping shite into our homes, or RTE as it is more commonly known.

    Of course this is another lie by the political classes, it’s allegation to pay for public service broadcasting, in reality its to pay for their non-contributory pensions and the bail out the Anglo bondholders/German & French banks.

    Public service broadcasting, like “Saturday Night Live”, a useless program where there is a least one guest every week that already has a program on RTE, this week it was Neven Maguire, the other “guests”, Gerald Kean and Lisa Murphy. Try watching it on the RTE played, you can’t skip the ads!!!!!!

    Meanwhile Leo “Vlad” Varadkar is on the RTE propeganda service telling us that it’s all for our own good and if they didn’t pay the Anglo bondholders we would be paying more in taxes and charges due to the problems it would cause. joseph goebbels would be proud of him.

    But look at what happened in Iceland Geir Haarde, Iceland’s has been formall charged with “violations committed from February 2008 through the beginning of October of the same year, by intent or gross neglect, mostly violations against the laws of ministerial responsibility.”

    The charge contends that Harrde showed “serious nonfeasance of his duties as prime minister in the face of major danger looming over Icelandic financial institutions and the state treasury.”

    What do we do in Ireland, we gave that scumbag Bertie Ahern €265,000 in secretarial expenses and €7,500 in mobile phone expenses since he left office in May 2000.

    Does anybody know what odds paddy power is giving on the bet that somebody who doesn’t pay the property tax will be put in prison before a fat cat banker?

    Congratulations to Martyn Turner for his cartoon on the from of the Irish times on 20/Jan/2012, Have a look on, use the calendar to find the issue of the 20th.

  4. Peter Paul at 10:00 pm

    Fundamentally, it’s all about a transaction – the user pays for a good or service provided.
    The hardware is already taxed (VAT).
    The signal is usually paid for on a monthly or per-volume fee to those who supply it (cable companies, wireless broadband providers).
    The content is paid for as a component of the signal fee, depending on the package you subscribe to.

    A broadcast charge (imposed as a TV license) was a reasonable idea when the government broadcast system was the only one in the country, and represented a proper public service of news and entertainment. Then advertizing became a significant additional source of broadcasting income.

    Nowadays, though, RTE and niche broadcasters like TnG are better considered a national or local optional service than a fundamental source of information; its services have more similarities to Bord Failte than to CNN or Wikipedia. Privatize them, let them raise their own advertizing revenue, plus maybe a modest subsidy as they arguably benefit the country and its reputation. But double-charging a broadcast fee on top of VAT and service fees appears unfair.

    And no, broadcast charges are not an appropriate way to fill a general exchecker shortfall.

  5. Andrew at 4:20 pm


    1. Sky TV is optional. Do you not realise this??? If you don’t want it or can’t afford it, no big deal, you simply don’t buy it!

    2. Given the current economic condition of the state and the need to pay billions to unsecured bondholders on punts taken with now bankrupt banks, can you not see just a tiny bit further than your own nose to realise what IS actually happening here? This isn’t about a need to tax but more to do with a need to pay.

  6. Mark at 2:06 pm

    I have mixed thoughts on the new ‘Broadcasting Tax’. Firstly, way back when TV came to this country, the government intoduced an Audio/visual licence. This meant if you owned an aperatus that could recieve audio or visual signals you had to pay a licence for that privelige. Unfortunatly that money generated from these licences went to the broadcasting authority, then Radio Telefis Eirean. The radio licence fee was never really persued but the tv licence was and still is. Now with Sky and UPC, people still have to pay a ‘fee’ whether they watch RTE or not as well as pay the digital suppliers. Indeed there are many parts of the country, my own included, that cannot recieve RTE programs due to geographical location, but I can get FTA and although FTA doesnt beam RTE, I dont think I’m missing much anyway.
    Secondly, since the original licence was introduced for the ownership of a TV, whether a signal was available or not, you had to have a licence for every TV in the house/premesis.
    Nowadays, TV sales and visual equipment is BIG business and with LCD, LED & Plasma tvs, DVD players/recorders, sat boxes, laptops etc etc etc becoming very affordable, I would suggest that for each of these items sold a nominal charge of, say, €50 could be collected from the retailer, a certificate issued and the charge passed to the misserable spinless penny pinching fools we curently have running this God forsaken country. This would then ensure that ALL visual recievers are licenced and every one has contribited.
    Now paying this money to RTE is a totally sickening thought given their fat cat saleries and poor selection of programs, but some of it could be released to enhance the transission network – for those that still cant get RTE.
    Yes I know the end consumer already pays almost a quater of the price in VAT, but what else what do we do? refuse to pay at all?
    Thirdly, RTE have it too good for too long, collecting the money from licencing fees AND collecting revenue from advertising! Compare this to BBC and ITV, at least in the UK you have a choice, in that you dont have to watch programs full of advertising as well as paying a licence.
    I could go on but………………..

  7. Nell Leinnon at 1:08 pm

    Bertie and his Fianna Failure gangster cronies ruined my life and livelihood. I’ve gone and had to move to the mainland to look for work. Imprison every last one of them.

  8. A. Fox at 12:54 pm

    this is just another example of white collars looking after them selves and their buddies. And wanting for everyelse to pay for their high life living. Maybe the Greeks are right to riot and then let rte big wigs overed paid usless shower and enda worry about another charge or tax. When their porperties and offices are being ransacked. I more of believer in the Sword is more powerful than the pen. They seem to forget if people have the bottle to say NO then they dont get their absolutely disgraceful wage and let them see then. I pay a tv license and sky subscription as i do believe a charge and a set realistic charge is fair enough. I dont expect my tv for free but enda and white lick arse’ing followers are just taking the mick at this stage. We aint all on their rediculous wages….

  9. dave at 11:41 am

    surley the amount of advertising on tv,s and the internet could and should be paying the charges to the government, not the people who are being fleeced time and time again.

  10. Aileen at 1:05 am

    Every change this government makes is designed to force us to pay more for the same or a lesser service, the broadcasting charge will be no different. No matter what they promise, no matter what its initial level, it will end up costing us more, as that is what its designed to do.

    15% of those that should have a tv licence evade it and some households that don’t have a tv aren’t liable for a tv licence at present. But the broadcasting charge is essentially a second household charge, so it will hit every household and at the same cost as the current tv licence, should bring in more money through reduced evasion and lower collection costs, but either RTE or the government will take any excess, so no benefit to the average household and no chance of the cost being reduced.

    Also, as it will essentially be a second household charge, when they are adding 5% or more each year to the original household charge / property tax as they will, it will prove too tempting not to slip a few percent a year onto this charge too, claiming that its not a tax increase as this is a charge not a tax. In fact it will become just be another stealth tax.

    With the advent of Saorview, they should have turned RTE into pay per view where each household has an account which you can top up like a mobile phone or billpay. I wonder just how popular many of RTE’s programmes would be if you had to pay a few cents every time you watched one instead of paying for a tv licence ?

  11. Granny at 9:20 pm

    I am delighted the license will come down and everyone will be treated equally.

    I do agree the Pat Kenny’s of this world are being overpaid, but that is a separate issue. Tax them more.

    Some of us live humbly within our means. Some just complain and think the rest of us should be paying for them. Those selfish folk are stealing from us.

  12. Des Lalor at 6:39 pm

    I know people living in rural areas of the country where they do not have broadband and they do not have a television. Bliss ! Why should these people have to pay a broadcasting charge ?
    It seems to me to be totally unfair.
    But there again, when did anything like fairness come into anything in this country ?

  13. David at 6:00 pm

    they have us battered with their euphimistic nppr charge, mgt fees this and God knows…
    like managers cant comment on referees…i will say more by saying nothing/ less..if you follow me !

  14. Dave at 5:02 pm

    Maybe they should re-think the whole RTE thing. If it isn’t working out why not stop wasting money on trying to get people to pay and just close it down. I know this will never happen but realistically I have never looked forward to anything coming up on RTE, it’s all very poor copies of other shows in the UK and abroad. Why would I want to pay for that. If I don’t pay they should make sure I don’t have the “privilege” of watching their shows.

  15. Septic tanks united at 3:10 pm

    I moved back to Ireland (I am of Irish decent) from the UK about 8 years ago and several things hit me that were very different from attitudes in the UK
    1. How everyone expected to (and DID) get services like water, Council Tax, University education, septic tank discharge permits, etc. for nothing or next to nothing.
    2. How everyone blamed everyone else when things went wrong.
    3. How when things did go wrong, people just wrung their hands moaning “It’s desperate” instead of knuckling down and getting on with changing it.

    I remember that no-one actually complained up to 2008 about all the house building and jobs it created. My neighbours bought 2nd and 3rd houses and rented them out to foriegn workers, making a hatful and telling me that I was missing a trick by not doing the same. But then it all goes wrong and they now blame the Government, bankers, anyone but themselves. Now I am not saying that the government and bankers are not a disgrace to Ireland, but we all went along happily with it during the good times.

    We can’t go on getting things for nothing in Ireland. In the UK, I paid over £400/yr for water, £450 for sewage, £2000/yr for Council Tax, £145/yr TV licence and I now pay £8000/yr tuition fees ALONE for my son to go to a UK university. It is accepted in the UK that you have to pay. We didn’t realise just how lucky we were, but it came at a cost and we are now being asked to pay for it.

  16. Simon Oliver at 2:47 pm

    Slowly, but surely, Ireland is being dragged into the 21st century. Things which have existed for decades in most European countries – water rates, council tax, property taxes and broadcasting taxes – are slowly being implemented in Ireland. It’s messy at first – purely because the taxes are poorly thought out, as is their application – but soon enough all these taxes will be stripped out of us automatically and digitally. They’re installing ‘smart’ electricity meters now in France which know just how many times you put the kettle on each day … before whipping the cash straight out of your bank account.
    Luddites will not like it … but they’re coming to get you!

  17. Pedantic Panda at 2:05 pm

    Here, here, Septic Tanks!

  18. Patrick at 1:55 pm

    Our goverment is costing our county too munch money to run our county.Its easey to run a county when you tax the living daylights out of people any tom dick and harry cando that.they should look at themselfs too manny of them there and paying them way too much money we dont have

  19. Septic tanks at 1:52 pm

    I live near Charleville, Co. Cork and I also have a house in England.
    I don’t mind paying the broadcasting charge if it is paid by everyone. As it is at the moment, I pay my TV licence, but none of my neighbours do and this is both unfair and no help to Ireland. In England, every house has to pay the TV licence. Any house that does not is flagged up on a computer and an inspector is there within days to check for a TV. As the fine is £1000, everyone has a licence.
    As far as the Household Charge is concerned, I agree that it will probably go up next year. My 2 bedhouse in England pays £1579/year in Council Tax and it is in one of the lowest Tax bands. My friend has a 5 bed house and pays nearly £3000/yr!

  20. Pedantic Panda at 1:50 pm

    There will be no waiver. As you can purchase a set-top box to provide Saorview to your current tv, the set is still capable of receiving a broadcast. Same rule applies to broken tuners (they can be fixed) or areas out of coverage (tv is still capable of getting signal elsewhere).

  21. Richard Barry at 12:53 pm

    My question is will there be a waiver for those who opt not to upgrade when Saorview is rolled out as there will be no broadcast service to receive on my current tv (not Saorview ready).

  22. Richard Barry at 12:51 pm

    @Panda strictly speaking the Broadcasting Act 2009 defines a television set as “means any electronic apparatus capable of receiving and exhibiting television broadcasting services broadcast for general reception… and any software or assembly comprising such apparatus and other apparatus”
    So the traditional view of a TV in your living room has already been extended to include for example PC/Laptop with tv tuner card whether or not it can receive RTE signal.

  23. Cait Tuite at 12:38 pm

    Where is Paddy the Plasterer, I need his number badly to get some money – note its not a loan unless U the tax payer pays it back. Enda would say its only 2 euro a week not much to him but a lot to many. What a country, dictatorship and communism.

  24. kate at 12:35 pm

    Does anyone have the number for Paddy the Plasterer as he might give me money ( not a loan as unless u the tax payer pays him back – I wont )
    to keep up with the extra charges !! I hope it keeps fine for the Politicians and Bankers as they are bleeding the country dry. I suppose Enda would just say its ONLY two euros. To him its not much, to me its a lot.

  25. Panda at 12:23 pm


    1. Sky take in advertising revenue – why is their service not free? No one here seems to mind paying a small fortune to Rupert Murdoch.

    2. This is replaces the existing TV licence which you are currently legally obliged to pay if you own a TV (which most people do). There is no extra charge as such and the money largely goes back into programming and running costs with small portion going towards collection costs:

  26. Sorcha at 12:02 pm

    Is this actually legal?
    The money goes too RTE broadcasting yet so many people pay their tv licence and can not get the Irish stations on their TV presently never mind the suggestion of money going to RTE for a service they do not even provide like FREEVIEW or SKY or for charging you for a movie you watch on your laptop that you are already paying a broadband service for!!!

  27. Andrew at 11:51 am

    Two things…

    1. RTE takes in advertising revenue so why the need for a licence at all?

    2. This proposed tax has nothing to do with broadcasting. The European investment banks want their money back from their failed Irish investments and the government are having to devise new and ingenious ways at raising the money to pay them.

  28. Panda at 11:41 am

    Don’t mind paying it. It replaces the TV licence which we pay anyway so no extra charge and so Saorview provides (some) HD programming at no additional cost (less than €15 a month) – sure, some of it is muck but the same can be said for Sky et al for which you’re paying a lot more to an organisation with questionable morals. Yes, some in RTE are overpaid but many are on normal Joe Soap (not Duffy) wages. Have Freesat for UK channels so only one-off equipment cost there. For everything else, there’s the internet 😉 Seems like there are plenty of people who in this country who don’t want to pay for anything at all though. They expect it all on a platter! Water, refuse collection, roads, health care, medicines, etc. Root out the fraudsters, scroungers and malingerers, have everyone pay the relevant charges (not just some) and finally only vote for effective politicians that actually make a difference and we might get to a proper society where everyone is paying fairly and those who actually need help can get it. Sick of hearing how someone can’t afford to pay another €100 a year as they down their sixth pint of the night. And btw, if apartment blocks have problems with the service that they are receiving then band together and dump UPC/SKY en masse and force a change. If everyone in the building wants a dish (or cable) then ye can probably achieve that goal. Moaning here won’t fix it alas. Still, it’s nice to vent, isn’t it. Right, back to work!

  29. Breda at 11:37 am

    I don’t have a television, don’t watch tv. Why should I be taxed for a service I don’t use? What next – window tax, fresh air tax?

  30. Pip Squeep at 11:28 am

    To Paddy the bum Tax Payer! Get a life…..who are the real criminals?? RTE fat cat bosses…The Government….U likely have a government job! Maybe the Gardai!! Honest people my ass…honesty is a relative affordable position few have these days….becos the corrupted have corrupted the many!

  31. Dan Mcgee at 11:22 am

    I don’t have a tv. Am I still supposed to pay it? One would assume so if it’s a household charge. Ridiculous,no?

    • jamesrogers at 11:24 am

      It appears everyone will have to pay Dan as it is very hard to prove you don’t have access to some form of broadcast in your home. This applies to listening to the radio remember and also any data viewed on mobiles or the like.

  32. Linda at 11:22 am

    I rarely watch rte and download most of my programmed and watch
    Them via apple tv, I don’t have sky and most of the good series
    Are on sky Atlantic hd which UPC doesn’t provide. I don’t mind
    Paying a communication fee if it’s lower but it will be the same people
    That will pay it and eventually they will increase it like everything else they do

  33. Rita McCabe at 11:20 am

    At €160+ for the current TV licence, it certainly is not good value for money. The huge salaries paid to the the few so called “RTE Stars” should be reduced to reflect the revenue RTE can make instead of linking it to UK. The UK population paying TV licences is vast compared to Ireland yet we continue to pay ridiculously high salaries to the same few people who are constantly shoved in our faces by RTE. They don’t even bother to foster new talent with the revenues they already receive, it’s the same pot of overpriced personalities we have to contend with daily.

    I have a TV licence (only because I have to) and pay for Sky TV (another overpriced service. If I thought for one moment the costs would go down if more people were paying, then that would be ok but the cost of the Broadcasting Fee and/or TV Licence will rise and rise like everything else in this country it’s a case of “Because They Can” . It’s the absolute arrogance of Government (doesn’t matter which party is in power)that they can continue to go to the same hard pressed people instead of tackling the problem and getting RTE to reduce it’s cost base and discontinue the practice of overpaying and over utilizing the same few celebs until we loose the will to live!!!!

  34. Rob Durie at 11:13 am

    The idea is sound – try and catch all those that watch TV, but I don’t think that it is any more enforceable than the TV licence. It’s time to abolish the current licence based funding for RTE and move to a different platform.

  35. Damien at 11:11 am

    Yet another scam to get money by the government.

    If any of them knew how to run a business or budget correctly RTE would be self funding… Anyone using a tablet to view live TV already pays for a subscription to watch it, RTE just have to do the same offer a subscription service….. idiots, also they could pay their staff less to balance the books, plus they show as much American and British shows which they buy…. they should become self sufficient, TV3 can do it so they should too……

    It just galls me at the lack of brains in the government, not just this one but all across Europe at the moment…. It is all about vested interests and nothing to do with the ordinary people…

    Household Charge, well what do we get for this, nothing… I keep hearing politicans saying it is for the lights in the street, water and roads services etc.. Sorry lads Road Tax is for the bloody roads which are at best 3rd rate, I was in Scotland recently and their back roads are better than our motorways!!!!

    Water Charge… sorry again but if it was properly managed the leaks would not exist, more than have the water is lost to crappy pipes… what kind of service is this… Can we sue for improper service as a Charge is not the same as a Tax!!!!

    A Charge implies being billed for a service which for example a company might provide, I had an experience recently with my home phone the service was not functioning correctly, the company cancelled a months worth of charge for the inconvenience… maybe if we pursue the Charge word in the context of European Law we can sue the Government for improper services…

    Maybe we can all call the National Consumer Agency together every single day and complain of the lack of quality services provided… I really don’t know what their job is to be honest either but hey it can be the consumers version of the Smaritians…. Apologies in advance for that reference but I am appalled at what is happeing to my Country, and at the morons who claim they are helping to resolve it…

    There is no backbone in politicians, we need a war-time leader… somebody who can really get us back working for the people not for their inflated salaries!!!!

    It is unusual for me to vent in this way, but I have been sick to the backteeth of all the nonsense since 2007/2008…

    Not one banker in Jail… Come On… And the same type of Cronies in Power.. Jesus what did we all do in a previous life to deserve this… I just hope that when my Daugther grows up that she leaves this place… 100 years later and we are a failed republic under the control of the EU… this was not what was intended by the founders of the State, may they all turn in their graves….

  36. Paddy tax payer at 11:09 am

    Anything which brings the non-paying bums into the tax and charges net is welcome. Why should honest people support criminals?

  37. QuigQ at 11:06 am

    I do agree that we should all pay something towards this if watching on a laptop or similar device. I certainly hope that it is done in a fair manner. Why not put a tax on each adult bicycle sold as they are getting a large benefit from all the money spent on the new bike lanes which DCC are putting in around the city. There has to be a pay back from this sector in some form or fashion.

  38. Neville mc carthy at 11:06 am

    I think initially a broadcasting charge will be cheaper but in true form of rip off Ireland it will without fail increase every year and will end up costing more if not the same anyway and I for one dispise having to pay the existing licence fee that goes towards a dismal tv network that in my opinion pays it’s broadcasters obscene salaries that cannot be justified in today’s economic climate.I already pay for digital subscription which amounts to about €400 a year.I already feel the current tv licence is a hard pill to swallow considering I don’t watch rte/tg4,I would happily have these stations removed from my digital package of it meant not having to pay for it!!!!

  39. Paula at 11:05 am

    I heard an ad on the radio the other night taking the mick out of the government (I think it was for McDonalds). They were parodying rises in taxes and one tax they jokingly mentioned was “The tax on breathing is to go up”. At the rate things are going in this country this is closer to the bone than we can imagine. What about all the houses outside of Dublin who do not have access to broadband and can only get terrestrial channels on their TVs. Are they expected to pay the same as us in Dublin who have access to digital TV, broadband etc? Thats not to mention that we already pay TV license fees, broadband fees, digital TV fees. Its getting out of hand. I would be very reluctant to pay any such “communication” fee. Unless it was equitably and fairly assessed, however this government have demonstrated that they are incapable of such an approach so I cannot imagine this proposal will be at all successful.

  40. Norma at 11:05 am

    We already pay 2 tv licenses so when this charge comes in if it is less at least we will benefit for once from this government that is squeezing us like pips until we squeak

  41. john at 11:05 am

    RTE is a 24hour working ,,, if it is running in negitive balance sheet,, find more space/ time slots for adv. ,,,,,,,
    moreover, TV is not a luxary thing ,it is an essential part of life/household,,,,
    hope not next budget they wont bring COOLER
    /FREEZER charge,,

  42. at 11:00 am

    I live in an area with no terrestrial signal so i have to opt for sky. I therefore have a tv licensing fee to pay but rte provides me with nothing so why should i have to pay their oversized salaries? It is 300 euro a year and then the licensing fee. Madness considering what you get for the same rate in larger towns with upc

  43. Caroline at 10:59 am

    I pay my TV licence but I don’t have any Irish channels… seems very unfair!

  44. Jamie at 10:58 am

    1 – Why should I pay a licence fee to subsidise RTE and their fat cat wages and appalling television when they already get advertisement money and I rarely (if ever) watch RTE anyway?
    2 – Why should I pay when the government refuses to do anything about the monopoly that UPC has over hundreds of thousands of home owners who have no choice but to pay through the nose for a second rate service like UPC because we live in apartments? They can basically be as useless as the want without fear of losing customers as we have no alternative as Sky is not available to us.
    3 – Why dont RTE follow the same path as the BBC in the UK – no ads and/or make a licence voluntary? (ie if you want to watch RTE pay a licence fee if you dont then you dont pay and RTE is not available to you) We all already pay SKY and UPC mega bucks for all the other channels.

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