Limestone paving a bolder choice for Irish gardens

Limestone paving a bolder choice for Irish gardens

Limestone paving offers a bolder drama and stronger contrast

Natural limestone is increasingly a popular choice when it comes to selecting a natural stone for garden patios and pathways.

Traditionally limestone was and remains a strong choice for gardens where a distinct architectural style was preferred over the alternative warmer tones popular in more rustic styled gardens.

Another reason behind the increasing popularity of limestone especially for Irish gardeners is that the darker tones of limestone are less prone to becoming green and therefore more resilient to coping with damp weather.

But of course the natural dark tones of limestone provides a neutral backdrop to the lush green foliage of lawn and planted areas. This neutral backdrop is enhanced during wet spells when the limestone paving becomes much darker and more striking.

Article contributed by Owen Chubb –

Limestone pathway defines the boundary to ornamental garden area

Limestone setts define the sweeping line of the planted border beautifully

A structured layout to the working garden area

Limestone setts offers an effective and distinct edge to the pebbled area

Sweeping limestone pathway

Limestone patios with darker tones means less maintenance required

Seamless transition from house to patio

Limestone patios a strong choice with a more striking impression


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